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Salirophilia – a disambiguation

A Fetish generally means the sexual fixation on an object. This can be a subject, a particular body part or even an idea that leads to sexual arousal or is being for one’s own sexual gratification. In addition to objects, materials or body parts, certain smells or certain taste can serve as a sexual stimulant. Often the stimulating experience is created by the combination of different factors, where anticipation and then seeing, touching and smelling are parts of a sensual ritual.

Salirophilia specifically means the sexual fixation on certain odors, such as from vagina fluid, sweaty armpits, feet, the asshole, the belly button (yes, even the belly button is an ideal breeding ground for germs which cause bad smells) or others.

There are scent fetishists who e.g. generally prefer the smell of latex or leather, others like to jerk off perceiving somebodys foot odor. Similarly, there are fetishists who are particularly interested in worn underwear and like to invest money in their preference. They love worn panties, dirty panties, used tampons, smelly ballerina flats, worn socks, shoes or boots. And they like to buy these things. Eve shit an piss are in high demand as well as used condoms. Oftentimes not knowig the producer of the odor is considered exciting.

The vast majority of scent lovers live out their fetish on their own. It excites them to perceive a particular scent or smell. These people are not looking for a partner, but need the smell for their own sexual gratification.